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About Us:

Founded in 2005 by Kyle Sartor and later joined by his brother, Dean Sartor, Frozen Cloud Graphics initially came from a 3D Animation and web design background. However, with their passion for technology and digital arts driving their creativity, they inevitably began searching for new and interesting ideas outside of their respective fields. Until finally they came across what they described as, "a dream come true". A technology that allowed for 3D objects with complex curves and intricate designs to be coated in any digital image imaginable.

What does this mean in plain English? It means that digital photos or artwork created on a computer could be printed and applied to almost any real world object. For example, firearms, car or bike parts, sporting equipment etc.  This essentially allows digital art to be expressed in 3D tangible forms, instead of just 2D canvases.

While this might be many an artist's dream, applying pictures to a 3D object was nothing new, as stickers, wraps, decals and even air brushing have been around for a long time. The real key difference which made this process unique and superior to it's predecessors, was the fact that the pattern was applied underneath a coat of paint. Which meant unlike a sticker or decal, the finish was permanent, and unlike air brushing the artwork did not have to be painstakingly applied by hand. In summary the process allowed for a high quality custom finish that was quicker, cheaper and more accurate than air brushing. While still being highly resistant to UV, scratching, corrosion and general wear and tear. 

Considering all this, the founders started the business anew focusing solely on the relatively new concept of Hydro Graphics. And since then, having never looked back, the company has been dedicated to providing the highest quality finishes on the market. With their pursuit of perfection leading them to develop new finishes that are world firsts and currently exclusive to South Africa.

With this breakthrough in technology, we at Frozen Cloud Graphics are able to realize our dream, and proudly pursue our passion for making everything look awesome.




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