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PLEASE NOTE:  We do not disassemble or reassemble any firearms, weaponry, car parts or any other object that requires disassembly in order to be coated. Please have your items disassembled by an authorized gun smith or mechanic before bringing it to us for coating. Thank you.


Almost any substrates or hard surface material such as glass, wood, metal, fiberglass, ceramics and all types of plastics can be coated. Please Note:  Any object that can be safely submerged in water and is made from the above materials can be coated. For electronics and other items that would be damaged by water, only the outer casing can be coated for obvious reasons.

Firearms and Weaponry:

Rifles, handguns, air rifles, paintball guns, bows, cross bows, knives, hunting equipment, buck/deer skulls, binoculars, scopes, water bottles, swords, walking sticks/canes, nunchucks, staves, batons, tasers and pretty much anything else made from the above materials. 



Spoilers/rear wings, manufacturer badges, petrol caps, valve covers, tappet covers, roll bars, mirrors, interiors, door handles, dashboard etc, gear knob, wheels/rims, boost pipes, engine bay, front/rear bumpers, front/rear grills, wind screen wipers, audio enclosures, speaker parts, amplifiers, gauge enclosures, NOS tanks, control boards, brake/accelerator pedals, certain steering wheels, side skirts (depending on size), and any parts made from the above materials. 


Almost all chassis, wheels/rims, engine parts, mirrors, helmets etc and any part made from above materials.

Other vehicles:

Aircraft interiors, yacht/boat interiors, caravans, quad bikes, off road bikes, scooters, bicycles, trikes, golf carts, go-karts, segway's, skate boards, snow boards, snow mobiles, remote control boats/planes/cars, rockets, and any part made from the above materials

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