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After years of research, Frozen Cloud Graphics and NIC Industries South Africa have successfully combined technologies to create the world's toughest hydro dip.

What does this mean? Well, usually water transfer printing requires a basecoat of paint on which the pattern can be applied. The most common of which is automotive paints. Any respectable hydro graphics business should only be using the highest quality automotive base and clear coats. Using cheap tins of spray paint or your kid's oil paints just won't cut it, and will end up peeling or cracking before too long. Basically the pattern and clear coat, are both applied on top of the basecoat, so if the basecoat starts coming off, the pattern and clear coat will come along for the ride. For this reason it's important that the basecoat is as tough as possible.

And that's where we come in, by designing our own special mixture and application system, we can successfully use  NIC Industries CerakoteTM as a basecoat for our Hydro Graphics. What's CerakoteTM you ask? Well, with it's extreme adhesion and heat/corrosion resistance, CerakoteTM is one of the best military grade gun coatings available to the public.
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Hydro Graphics by frozen cloud
Custom patterns coming soon!!!

Keen on having something coated with our Hydro Graphics, but don't see any patterns that you really like? Well don't worry, soon enough Frozen Cloud Graphics will be able to print our very own designs! Say good bye to air brushing because we'll be able to offer more accurate and more complex designs at a fraction of the price.

How will it work? Basically all you have to do is bring us a picture or design that you want and our talented artists will do the rest. Perfect for motorcycle tanks and any other custom work.

Check back soon for more details!

Frozen Cloud Teams up with NIC Industries to bring you the world's TOUGHEST Hydro Graphics!

Camo Hydrographics
Gun Hydrographics
The only limitation of Cerakote is that, until now, its been incompatible with water transfer printing, and if you wanted your gun done in camo you would have to find a skilled airbrush artist to apply it for you.

Thanks to our research however you can now have amazingly detailed camo patterns applied to your parts in conjunction with Cerakote, to give you the toughest and best looking finish available today.

To see more information on CerakoteTM and just how tough it is take a look at this link:
Air Brushing Alternative




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