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Hydro Graphics by frozen cloud

How It Works:

Step1: Decide on which pattern you would like your item to be coated in. Click Here

Please note that the patterns on our products page are what we have in stock at the moment. We can however order other patterns for manufacturer projects. So if you don't see anything you like please don't hesitate to ask us and we will be happy to recommend other patterns to you. Note that the order time for patterns that we do not have in stock is 2-3 weeks.

Step2: Decide on a base color:

Almost all of our patterns are transparent in certain areas. If you view our products page you will notice that the white areas in the pictures are transparent. What this means is that the white areas can be any color you want them to be, and this will change the overall appearance of the finish. For example if you choose skulls as your pattern and red as your base coat then the skulls will be red on the finished product. If you choose green as your base coat then the skulls will be green. This allows for amazing finishes such as blue or red carbon fiber and many others.
Step3: Contact us: Click Here

Give us a call and let us know what pattern you would like and what color you would like it to be. We will then be able to give you a final price for the job.

Step4: Drop off your item: Click Here

Please note that we DO NOT disassemble or reassemble any items, especially firearms and engine components. If you would like to have your object coated, please have the item disassembled by a professional and bring us the separated parts. Items to be coated can be dropped off at the companies listed on the contact page.

Hydro Graphics by frozen cloud
Hydro Graphics by frozen cloud
Hydro Graphics by frozen cloud
Technical Process:

STEP 1:  Preparation for coating

If necessary the item is sanded and cleaned in preparation for the dipping process.

STEP 2 : Base coat

A high quality base coat is applied to the object and allowed to dry

STEP 3: Film preparation

The film is cut to size and placed onto the surface of the water in one of our specialized dipping tanks.

STEP 4: Activator

The activator chemical is sprayed over the surface of the film, dissolving it.

STEP 5: Dipping

The object is dipped into the water, causing the film to wrap perfectly around the object leaving the desired pattern on the objects surface.

STEP 6: Washing and Drying

The object is thoroughly washed and dried in our washing booths

STEP 7: Top Coat

The object is coated in a high quality top coat that provides a matte or gloss finish as well as a resilient protective coat.

STEP 8: Looking awesome

The coated object goes on to look great and impress friends as you show it off after picking it up from our facilities.





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