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Hydro Graphics by frozen cloud
We use only the highest quality automotive base and clear coats and can even offer Cerakote™ gun coatings in combination with our designs for extra durability.
Carbon Fiber Coatings:
Carbon Fiber Coating
Perfect for Car and Bike modification. Also great for manufacturing applications and adding aesthetic value to almost any object.
Camouflage Coatings:
Suitable for all firearms from assault/hunting/sniper rifles to handguns, pellet guns and paintball markers. Also great for bows, knives, binoculars, carry cases and 4x4 front grills.
Wood Grain & Stone Finishes:
Perfect for car and private aircraft interiors. Also an affordable way of increasing the aesthetic value of plastics and other subtrates.
Designer Finishes:
A wide range of cool designs for a variety of applications. From skulls and bubbles to flowers and lightning. Great  for tappet/valve covers, car audio amps and enclosures, guns, motorcycle chasis and much more.
Custom Solid Colour Spray Work:
Not a fan of our designs? No problem, we also offer standard solid colour spray work.
Want something coated? Click here to find out how...
Custom Patterns:
Bring us a photo, design, or just an idea, and our talented artists will print and apply your unique pattern to almost any object. Cheaper and more accurate than air brushing, this system is perfect for individualizing motorcycle tanks, helmets and other items.  [coming soon, check back in September 2012]
Custom Motorcycle
Hydro Graphics by frozen cloud
Custom Cars
Custom Paint




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